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Advisory Board

Advisory Board



Terms of Reference

An Advisory board plays an active role in guaranteeing an element of independence from the Local Authority (LA) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) by: (‘arm’s length’ of service)

  • having a clear understanding with the LA on the role of the Service

  • Promoting a solution-focussed approach that maintains its impartiality and confidentiality



The Advisory Group ensures that Westminster IASS for SEND is effective in providing support and information to young people, parents and carers of children with special educational needs.


IASS Advisory Group Membership

Representation of the board is sought to include parents/carers who have been with the service and are well placed to providing parental perspective on effectiveness in services delivered.
Membership is encouraged from a number of services and professionals involved with children, Young people and families with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

All members are equal partners and their knowledge, skills and views are recognised and valued.

The group will meet for a minimum of twice a year or no more than three times a year. The group will decide upon dates, timing and venues, which will be published and updated on both the IASS website and the Westminster IASS Facebook page.

Minutes of the meetings is shared with members of the board within 2 weeks following each meeting.


Role of IASS Advisory Board

The IASS Advisory Group has an important role to play in supporting and guiding the IAS service ensuring its impartiality and neutrality is safeguarded in all aspects of the service development and delivery.

Members of the group are equal partners. The individual knowledge, expertise, experience and skills that each member brings to the group are recognised and equally valued.

Its members will work together to ensure IASS provides impartial advice, information, guidance and support to parents, carers children and young people. The group will inform good practice and provide valuable multi-agency feedback.

Members will chose on their ability to make an effective contribution, the stakeholder they represent and their willingness to be active in promoting the interest of IASS and influencing the views of others to recognise the importance of the work of IASS.


IASS Advisory Group Will:


  • Support and advise on the Annual Development Plan of work for the IASS team and feedback on work undertaken
  • In partnership with IASS provide supportive information to share in discussions with the Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Assist with statutory guidance on the Code of Practice on SEN relating to SENDIASS for procedural issues in discussions and to staff.  
  • The Advisory Board will promote the work of IASS and highlight good practice as appropriate with funders and potential funders of the service.
  • Monitor the performance and impartiality of the service
  • Monitor and advise on the development of IASS, influence policy and identify gaps in its service and make concerns known.
  • Receive Service user feedback, evaluate establish and approve the annual report SENDIASS produces each year.

Members will not:


  • Act in the specific interest of their agency, group, family member or themselves. They will identify any conflict of interest to the group should it arise
  • Play any role in relation to the employment or management of staff or Volunteers.


If you would like to know more or would like to join our Westminster Advisory Board please contact us