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Easy Read Guides


Below are some easy read documents, which may be useful for you in explaining some processes and difficult words to children and young people or parents who have difficulty in reading.​


How Information Advice Support Service can help me?

Find the right support


Keeping what you say private



What help you need

EHC Needs Assessment


What is an EHC Plan?



Working out how much it costs to support you

Personal Budgets


Finding out about support near you

Local Offer


Useful resources for young people

Please find below a list of resources that may be useful to you when creating your own 'One-page profile'. One-page profiles collect all the important information about a young person on a single sheet of paper. This is a very useful tool when moving from a setting to another, from a class to another or even when you meet new people, as it tells them what they need to know about yourself without you having to repeate this information all the time. It should be accurate and be kept up-to-date. You can choose the template that is more suitable to you or use these models to help you create your own one:

What is important to me 1

What is important to me 2

What is important to me 3

What is important to me 4