There are lots of options for Post-16 education and training. Some of the options are: school 6th forms (both available in mainstream and special schools); general further education (FE) colleges; 16-19 academies; special post-16 institutions; and vocational learning and training providers. The range of available study programmes is broad and includes AS/A-levels, vocational qualifications at all levels, apprenticeships, traineeships, supported internships and bespoke packages of learning.

There are various colleges and 6th forms within the local area and they offer a range of academic and vocational courses which support young people towards independence and employment and which build on their skills and interests. 

If you are thinking of going to college make sure you look on their website to find out if they offer a course of interest, and arrange a visit on one of their open days are so you can look around, meet the staff, and learn more about the setting before making a decision. If you might struggle with a busy open day or have access needs, you can contact the college or 6th form and they might be able to support you to visit at a quieter time. 

Local Colleges and 6th Forms

The following colleges and further education settings are locally available in City of Westminster (WCC), Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), and of London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF):

City of Westminster College:

Address: Paddington Green Campus, 25 Paddington Green, London, W2 1NB

Tel: 020 7723 8826

Website: City of Westminster College

College Park School (WCC): 

Address: Garway Road, London, W2 4PH

Tel: 0207 221 3454

Website: College Park School

West London College (LBHF):

Address: Gliddon Road, London, W14 9BL

Tel: 020 8741 1688

Website: West London College

Westminster Kingsway College (WCC)

Address: (Mulitple locations including Kings Cross and Kennet West Skills Centre)

Tel: 0870 060 9801

Website: Westmisnter Kingsway College

Kensington and Chelsea College (RBKC)

Address: Wornington Road, W10 5QQ

Tel: 020 7573 3600

Website: Kensington and Chelsea College

Q6 - Queensmill School (LBHF):

1 Askham Road, London, W12 0NW

Tel: 020 7384 2330

Website: Queensmill School

St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College (RBKC)

St. Charles Square, London, W10 6EY

Tel: 020 8968 7755

Website: St Charles 6th Form

Westminster Adult Education Service (WCC)

Address: 215-219, Lisson Grove, London, NW8 8LW

Tel: 020 7641 7360

Website: WAES

William Morris Sixth Form (LBHF)

Address: St. Dunstans Road, London, W6 8RB

Tel: 020 8748 6969

Website: William Morris 6th Form

Sir Simon Milton University Technical College (UTC) (WCC)

Address: 1 Sutherland Street, Ebury Bridge, Victoria, SW1V 4LD

Tel: 020 3301 7660

Website: Simon Milton UTC


To find other local Post-16 settings and more information, please see the Local Offer's Further Education and Colleges page.


Apprenticeships, Traineeships & Supported Internships

There are many different types of Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Supported Internships aimed at various levels and open to young people with SEN. Many colleges offer a variety of programmes, there are also programmes linked with employers which help you to train for a career and may lead to paid employment. For more information please see the Westminster Further Education webpage.

If you would like more information about Apprenticeships, you can find available ones in your area using the Government website: Apprenticeships.


There are lots of professionals who can help you to consider all of your options. Contact Eleanor (Children and Young Person's Officer) for advice and guidance on Post-16 options. Westminser also has a 'SEND Employment Pathways Coordinator' who can help you to think about your options for further education.
Get in touch with Eleanor for more information: / 020 7641 5355.

Transition to Post-16


Transition to Post-16 with an EHC plan

Apart from when an EHC plan is first issued, the move between phases of education is the most common time that parents, carers or young people have to think about what school or college should be named in the EHC plan.

There should always be an annual review of the EHC plan before a transfer to a new phase of education. 

Regulation 18 of the SEN Regs requires that the EHC plan must be reviewed and amended before 31st March if the transfer is from secondary school to a post-16 institution. This generally means the Local Authority should start the annual review process in the autumn term of the year before the child/young person is due to move setting. For more information please see IPSEA's advice for moving to a new phase of education. For advice on SEN Support in Post-16, see IPSEA's advice page on SEN Support.


Useful Links

The website Natspec is a useful website for finding a college which has specialist provision for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

In addition, the following link can be helpful to find a school in your area: Find a school

The Preparing for Adulthood website has lots of advice and guidance for Post-16 for both young people and families.