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EHC Timeline

 The diagram below shows the EHC timeline.



WEEKS 1-6 ► EHC Assessment request to the LA begins:

  • Request for EHC assessment sent by parent, professional or school

  • Referral acknowledged and prepared for SEN panel   

  • Local Authority contact parent/carer or young person to obtain proof of address and consent form  

  • SEN Panel decides whether an EHC assessment is needed

  • Week 6: Latest the Local Authority can inform parent/carer or young person about their decision of whether to assess                            

     NOTE: you get a 'Right to Appeal' if assessment is not approved by the SEN Panel


WEEKS 7-16 ► Assessment and evidence gathering begins:

  • Additional advice and information requested from professionals where needed    

  • Independent Supporter to meet parent/young person to complete Section A of the EHC draft plan: the child or young person’s views, wishes and feelings

  • Keyworkers drafts plan, puts information together and sends it to SEN Panel to make a decision

  • Multi-agency meeting to discuss the draft plan

  • End of week 16: Latest the Local Authority can notify parents/young person of the decision of whether to issue an EHC plan

NOTE: You get a 'Right to Appeal' if SEN Panel decides not to issue an EHC Plan


WEEKS 17 & 18 ► Drafting the EHC Plan (15 calendar days):

  • EHC Draft plan meeting: Parent/carer or young person to make any comments /changes to their draft plan.

  • Parent/carer or your person can comment / express interest for an Educational setting

  • The Local Authority consults with the educational institution before naming it in the EHC Plan.


WEEKS 19 & 20 ► Finalising the EHC Plan (15 calendar days):

  • The draft plan is changed where needed, issued and sent to parents and young people

  • School agreed and finalised plan to be sent to the school, college or educational setting

  • End of week 20: Finalised plan signed off by officer and sent to parent/carer, young person and educational institution

NOTE:You get a  'Right to Appeal' against the provision or educational setting named in the EHC Plan