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Health Care

This page provides useful information if you have concerns about your child’s or young person’s health, wellbeing and development, such as what services and therapies you can access through the NHS and other specialist services.

Key Definitions:

NHS Continuing Healthcare

This means a package of ongoing care that is arranged and funded solely by the National Health Service (NHS) where the individual has been assessed and found to have a ‘primary health need’ as set out in this National Framework. Such care is provided to an individual aged 18 or over, to meet health and associated social care needs that have arisen as a result of disability, accident or illness. The actual services provided as part of the package should be seen in the wider context of best practice and service development for each client group. Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare is not determined by the setting in which the package of support can be offered or by the type of service delivery. 

NHS-funded Nursing Care

This is the funding provided by the NHS to care homes with nursing to support the provision of nursing care by a registered nurse. Since 2007 NHS-funded Nursing Care has been based on a single band rate. In all cases individuals should be considered for eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare before a decision is reached about the need for NHS-funded Nursing Care.

Primary Health Need

This concept was developed by the Secretary of State for Health to assist in deciding when an individual’s primary need is for healthcare (which it is appropriate for the NHS to provide under the 2006 Act) rather than social care (which the Local Authority may provide under the Care Act 2014).  To determine whether an individual has a primary health need, there is an assessment process, which is detailed in this National Framework. Where an individual has a primary health need and is therefore eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, the NHS is responsible for providing for all of that individual’s assessed health and associated social care needs, including accommodation, if that is part of the overall need.  

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

This is intended to include any person or body authorised by the CCG to exercise any of its functions on its behalf in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare. Where a CCG delegates such functions it continues to have statutory responsibility and must therefore have suitable governance arrangements in place to satisfy itself that these functions are being discharged in accordance with relevant standing rules and guidance, including the National Framework. The CCG cannot delegate its final decision-making function in relation to eligibility decisions, and remains legally responsible for all eligibility decisions made (in accordance with Standing Rules).