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This page will help you understand more about money matters, welfare benefits and financial assistance that may be available to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 


Click here to find out about financial help that you or your child may be eligible for if your child or a young person has a disability.

Under 16

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

DLA is for children under 16 years of age with neurological or neurodevelopmental conditions. The conditions include autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, learning difficulties, global developmental delay and acquired brain injuries among others.

DLA is a non-means tested benefit and does not affect other benefits you may receive.

Please refer to the following step-by-step guide for further information on how to apply and complete a DLA form.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Mobility Component explained

The following factsheet by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) offer useful information about the range of Benefits for Children that you might find of interest.



This national charity works with children with neurological (including brain) conditions through research, information and direct, on-going support.

Please read through their Money Matters: A Guide for Parents booklet for information specific to children with neurological (brain) conditions.

Cerebra Holiday Home, Vallecchia, provides children with disabilities and their families some time away from home without the difficulties they might experience on a standard break. 

Please click here to access a step-by-step guide to claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children under 16 with neurological conditions.  


Caudwell Children

This charity supports all sick and disabled children ensuring their needs are met, however complex through childhood.

Please visit Turn2us Grant Spotlight for an overview of the Caudwell Children charity and the Caudwell Children website for more information including 

Caudwell Children provide Seven Core Services which help support children and their families.

These are;

                       1. Family Services: family support services and short break activities at time of crisis

                      2. Equipment Services: Mobility equipment; powered wheelchairs, specialised buggies and rain covers,                                         specialised car seats and harnesses, therapy tricycles and Caudwell children sensory packs

                      3. Treatment Services: Access to life-saving surgeries and treatment

                      4. STEP Programme: Life changing therapy and support programme for children with brain injuries and                                         disorders

                      5. ACT Programme: Holistic therapies and support programme for autistic children

                      6. Enable Sport: Sports equipment to enable talented athletes to participate in competitive sport

                      7. Destination Dreams: Fully supported family holiday for children fighting life threatening illnesses


Please refer to Turn2us Grant Spotlight and the 'How We Help' section of the Caudwell Children website for more information. 

If you would like to apply for support from Caudwell Children, please click here

Over 16

Carer’s Allowance

If you care for your disabled child and young person for at least 35 hours a week and they get certain benefits, you may be eligible for carer’s allowance.


Disabled Facilities Grant

You could get a grant from your council if you’re disabled and need to make changes to your home, for example to:

  • widen doors and install ramps

  • improve access to rooms and facilities - eg stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom

  • provide a heating system suitable for your needs

  • adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

A Disabled Facilities Grant won’t affect any benefits you get.

For further details, please follow the following link.


Disabled Students' Allowance (DSAs)

if you are a higher education student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a disability, including a:

  • long-term health condition

  • mental health condition

  • specific learning difficulty, eg dyslexia

You must meet the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010.

The support you get depends on your individual needs and not on income.

To find out more, visit the following link.



If you are a young person with special educational needs and who would like to have more control over your money. Dosh aims to provide young people with learning difficulties gain more confidence and become more independent with money matters and financial support.


Personal Independence Payment (PIP):

  • Does your disability or ill-health affect you on a day to day basis?

  • Are you between the ages of 16-64?

If so, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) may help you with extra costs. Please click here for more information.



This national charity helps people in financial difficulties gain access to welfare benefitscharitable grants and support services.

 This is open to anybody experiencing financial hardship in various situations including; carersill, injured or have a disabilityYoung Person (Aged 16-17) including ill or disabled young people.

Turn2us equipment for independent living give one-off grants towards disability equipment to disabled people aged 16 and over and who live in the UK.

Here are some links on travel concessions from the Turn2us website;


Turn2us Benefits Calculator and Grants Search Tool

You can check whether you are eligible for financial help through welfare benefits or grants on the Turn2us website.

Please use the Benefits Calculator and Grants Search Tool.


Children, Young People and their Families

CEA Card

This is a national card scheme developed for UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association (UKCA), formerly the Exhibitors' Association (CEA.) The scheme ensures that participating cinemas make reasonable adjustments for disabled guests as well as providing them with a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them. 

For more information please visit the CEA Card website and find out more about how to apply.


Family Fund

This charity provides grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children or young people. Family Fund gives families raising disabled or seriously ill children or young people the same opportunities as others. 

Grants can be given for:

  • Washing machines 

  • Sensory toys

  • Family breaks 

  • Bedding

  • Tablets

  • Furniture 

  • Outdoor play equipment

  • Clothing

  • Computers

  • And much more...

Please click here to check whether your family is eligible to apply. 

Please click here to apply for a grant.



This charity works with single parent families. Supporting, advising and campaigning with single mums and dads to help them meet their family’s needs.

For further information and support, please visit the Gingerbread website or contact the Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline.


Local Offer

The local offer is a source of information for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families. This information is put together by the local authority or ‘the council’ to let families and young people know about the services available within their local area.

Please visit the Westminster Local offer website for more information about:

  • Children’s centres

  • Early years and childcare

  • Education, health and care plans

  • Education, learning and skills

  • Health

  • Money matters

  • Preparing for adulthood

  • Short breaks

  • Social care and family support

  • Things to do 


Merlin Annual Pass

Are you interested in visiting various theme parks and popular attractions such as? 

  • Alton Towers 

  • Sealife

  • Legoland 

  • Warwick Castle

  • And much more...

The Merlin Annual pass provides Services for Disabled Pass holders which includes;

  • A complimentary carer pass

  • Type talk

  • Hearing aid assistance 

  • Disabled access pass 

  • Disabled guides



This charity helps children with 'life-limiting illnesses' achieve greater independence.

React 'supply a wide range of equipment from specialist wheelchairs, beds, baths and mobility aids, to essential everyday homecare items like pushchairs and domestic appliances. This may include educational equipment to ensure a child's development needs are met; React Holidays at one of React mobile holiday homes; and, very sadly, funeral expenses and memorial headstones.'  

Please click here to apply for assistance.


Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

This organisation is available for anyone who is affected by sight loss offering both practical and emotional support.

In the practical help section you can find various information and support about:

Please visit the following for information on discounts and concessions for people affected by sight loss;

This support is available to people affected by sight loss and their families/carers.

The following factsheet by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) offer useful information about the range of Benefits for Children that you might find of interest.


The Dream Factory 

This charity fulfils "wishes and dreams to children and young people from the ages of 3 to 25 years with life limiting or life threatening conditions or severe disabilities."

For more information please click here.

To request a dream please click here.


Together for Short Lives

This charity supports children and young people with life-shortening conditions. Together for Short Lives works to 'secure the best quality of life and best end of life care for children who will have short lives.'  

The charity's online directory provides you with a list of support in your area.

Service types include;

  • Dream or wish fulfilment

  •  Equipment provision

  • Financial help

  • Holidays and leisure

  • Respite and short breaks

  • And much more...


Whizz-Kidz Mobility Equipment

This charity provides a range of mobility equipment to children and young people with a physical disability to give them independence at home, at school and at play. 

For more information please click here. If you would like to apply please click here.


Working Families

For working families please visit the working families website and particularly the section on a guide to benefits for disabled children​.